We are looking for dedicated entrepreneurs willing to invest 100% in the Monteiro adventure and motivated to join a successful franchise and contribute to the group’s development!

Being part of the Monteiro family means investing FULLY in the management of a franchised company, contributing to the development and success of the group and respecting our generous, family and friendly values by offering an outstanding quality of service to customers and good fresh products!

Previous experience in the foodservice industry is not a necessity, although highly recommended, but we are ready to accept dedicated and committed entrepreneurs who will fully dedicate themselves to the success of a Monteiro franchise.


  • A passion for the Monteiro brand
  • Relational and customer service qualities
  • A desire to own and build a small business and contribute to the success of a group in strong growth
  • Leadership to manage a team of different ages and socio-cultural backgrounds.
  • Previous work experience in business or management
  • An ability to work in an environment where the quality of service must be exceptional for each customer
  • An ability to learn quickly, communicate effectively, and work well as a team
  • A practical approach to all aspects of running a business

Training program

The MONTEIRO™ operational team trains the franchisee and his team to ensure that every franchise owner has full control over the operational, financial and marketing aspects of a MONTEIRO™ restaurant.

To assist you in starting your first Monteiro franchise, the franchise owner must agree to a full-time training program (35 to 40 hours per week) for a total of 8 to 12 weeks.


We are first and foremost a family and we will provide you with constant help and adequate support so that you are never alone in starting and managing your Monteiro™ restaurant.


I want to invest in a Monteiro™ rotisserie but I do not want to work in the restaurant. Is it acceptable?

Experience tells us that Monteiro ™ franchises are much more efficient when their owners are actively involved in the daily management of their restaurant. We therefore demand that the owner of the company devote all his time and attention to the company. However, franchise owners are encouraged to employ a restaurant manager, which would allow them to focus on growing their branches.

Do I have to find a site?

The Monteiro™ team is constantly looking for sites with high added value, but can not cover the entire national and international market. With this in mind, we welcome potential franchisees who find their own sites to recommend for our consideration and approval.

I do not know anything about running a restaurant. Is it acceptable?

Yes. Before opening your Monteiro ™ Rotisserie, we will provide you with comprehensive training to learn about our franchise system and procedures.

How much money will I make as a Monteiro ™ franchise owner?

This will depend on many factors, including the location of the restaurant and how the franchise owner operates the business. Monteiro ™ does not provide franchisees with sales or profit forecasts in relation to other Monteiro ™ roasters. Franchisees must prepare their own financial projections after consulting an independent accountant.

How much does a Monteiro™ franchise cost?

The cost of a Monteiro ™ franchise varies, among other things, depending on the size and location of the restaurant. To qualify, you must have an average of $ 75,000 available. Financial requirements may be higher or lower depending on the type of transaction.

What are the franchise fees for a 10-year franchise agreement?

Franchise fees are currently $ 35,000 + Applicable Taxes


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